Wiggins Relocation - Towanda Kansas, Towanda, KS | Global Auction Guide (2024)

Auction Items For Sale in Towanda, Kansas

SHIPPING IS AVAILABLE FOR SELECT ITEMS in the Wiggins Relocation auction out of Towanda Kansas with 800+ lots of goods including bikes, craft supplies, furniture, tools, home decor, camping supplies, antiques and collectibles, and SO much more!

Wiggins Relocation
Online Only Time Auction
This auction has many great quality items! Anywhere from furniture, fishing gear, MANY craft supplies (scrapbooking, beads, and more), electronics, beautiful home décor, games, yard chairs, camping supplies, cookware devices and dishes, antiques, beds, knives, pet supplies, women’s handbags, men’s brand name watches, sporting items, general household goods and collectibles, and SO much more! Very well-conditioned items, many of which are brand new in the box! Please take your time and scroll through all the lots. Everything sells AS IS. Items have not been tested unless otherwise specified. Come to the loadout prepared with what you might need, bring your own boxes and packing material, bring loadout help, tools, dolly, truck, etc. If you think you need it, please bring it. Little to no loadout help will be available.
Call Tony Sudduth at (316) 737-8099
By private appointment if time allows
Call the auctioneer for availability

Auction Close:

Wednesday, July 10th at 6:30pm (CST)
5 lots a minute starting at 6:30 with soft close and extended bid features
(the auction does not completely close out all at one time)

Pickup/Loadout Location:
Towanda Kansas
(Address will be shared with winning bidders on their invoices)

Local Pickup/Loadout Dates:

Friday, July 12th from 1:00pm to 5:00pm
Saturday, July 13th from 11:00am to 4:00pm


Payment Methods:

Cash or credit/debit card at pickup
Cash or Wire transfer only over $1000
Your card on file with the Midwest Auction Collective
will NOT be charged. This is a secure site
Checks taken by prior approval only.AUCTION CONDUCTED BY:
Dynamite Auction Service
Tony Sudduth – Owner/Manager
(316) 737-8099
The Midwest Auction Collective
Powered By:
Little Bull Auction & Sales Co.


LOT TITLESToolbox and contents



Zombie practice kit

Hammers and clamp

cutting tools

Tape measures and levels

Drill bits

Alan wrenches

Electrical tools

Screw drivers and pry bars

Marshmallow sticks and firepit

Alexa devices

Bissell steam mop

Home Decore

Shoe holder and wood hangers

Home Decor

Hp printer

Home Decor

Office Chair

JBL subwoofer

office drawers


Floor lamp

Home Decor and Stand

Baskets with misc. items

Home Decor

Toaster oven

Home decor Candal sticks

Rugs, pillow and home decor

Home Decor

magazine rack

Home Decore

Home Decore

Home Decore

Home Decore

Home Decore

Teddy Bears

Necklaces and hanger

Home Decore

Home Decore

Home Decore

Flying lantern lot


Baskets and Easter supply

Playstation 3

Set of knifes and infused oil

party supplies

set of Samari Sords

set of Samari Sords

Box of cables

bathroom accessories

Home Decor


Tinkertoys and Lincoln logs

Christmas tree decorations

Fall decor

Christmas Ornaments

Christmas decor

Home Decor

Home Decor Shelves

Home Decor

Home Decor

Home Decor Shelves




Socket set

Plastic dishes

Serving set

Craft supplies

bath supplies

Disney Movies and hula-hoops

OU games

Decor pillows

Stamp set

Photo/picture frames

Photo/picture frames


back massagers

Core chair +

exercise videos and equipment

Home Decor pillows


tubs and cook books

Pool cues

vintage drawers


Doll House

Sports art

Wall art


Exercise Balls

Home Decor plants

Drink chiller

Home Decor

Home Decor

Home Decor antique

Home Decor

Insolated cups

Plastic dishes

Picnic servers

Picnic servers dish

Lemonade home decor

Home Decor



Candy jar and machine

glass jars

Fall drink set

Home Decor

Candy jars

Bar Glass +

Lamp and magazine holder

Home Decor plants


Scrap booking lot

Scrap booking lot

Scrap booking lot

Dog run

Dining Room Table

Sunderland Area Rug 240 X 310 CM

Blackstone grill

Home Decor

Home Decor


LIFE Red Cross Girl

Home Decor

KISS Collector

KISS Figurine

Picture frames

Floor pad

ironing board and iron


Ommo Air Fryer

Ice cream maker +

Crock pot

Coffee maker

Coffee maker

Hot Plate and Crock pot

Lazy susuans

Cake dishes

Home Decore

Home Decore

Ice Bucket and Large Plastic Drink Container

wooden Server

Serving trays

wood plates and server

Bar glasses

Cotton candy sugar and cones

plastic dishes

Insolated cups

Serving dishes

Insolated cups

White kitchen dishes

Drink container

Plastic dishes

Kitchen decor

Imusa Electric Citrus Juicer & Apron

Bar supplies

Food saver

Fruit juicer

Digital Kettle


Home Decor

Home Decor

Home Decor

Home Decor


Home Decor

Home Decor


Bedspread and pillows

Drink coolers

Cushion and Blankets

Home Decor


Car mattress and Water cooler

projector screen

Bow equipment and accessories

Home Decor

Home Decor Flowers

Connect 4 and checkers

Step stool and fan brush

Party Supplies

pup tent /bed

Rocking chair +

Meat Slicer

Marchel arts sparing gear

Round table cloths

Black + Decker 4-Slice Toaster Oven

Home Decor plants (shelve not included)

Beauty accessories

Beauty accessories

Stand Mixer

Wall art

Wall art

Wall art

Gas connector

Halloween party supplies

decorative glass

Table cloths

Shower facet



Home Decor +

Beauty supplies

Craft supplies

TIGNANELLO Mini Purse and Makeup Case

Shower Curtain Set

Misc Home Decor Items

Christmas Decorations

Bathroom Decor

Bluetooth Headphones

Kids Toys and Crafts

Foot Pump and Underwater Cameras

Traveling Gear

Blue and White Home Kitchen Decor

Traveling Items

Cloud Frame

Salt Lamp & Medication Device


Keurig and Supplies

Coffee Lot

Coffee Mug Set

Office Supplies

Curtain Rods

Religious Books and Poster


Antiques Irons and More

Cast Iron Pot

Home Decor Wall Art

Poker Table

Smelting Ladle

Clay pots and More

Firefighters Lot

Misc Home Decor

Kansas Antique License Plates

Oil Lantern Refills, Basket & Misc.

Sam's Cooler Bag and Other Misc Bags

Weighted Blanket and Sleeping Items

Bathroom Scales

Scrapbook Supplies Container

Snap Dorm Cubes - 3-Tier Nighstands

Backpacks, Bags of Women's Clothes and Misc.

Misc. Electronic Cords

Pocket Knife Set

Paint Supplies

Backpacks and Bags

InFocus Projector

ILIVE Speaker


Casserole Dishes

Glass Jars Crate

4 Channel Live Mini Mixer DJ Console

Kicker Speaker

Baking Supplies

Home Decor

Wooden Sled

GolfGirl Set

LifeTime Folding Tables

CycleOps Bike Trainer

Tacx Bike Trainer

butcher paper rack

Sports Balls

Sports Posters

Dining Room Table

Side Tables

Large Suitcase

Large Suitcase

Large Suitcase

Boyt Luggage Carrier

Large Suitcase


Minn KotaTrolling Motor

Base Pro Shop Prowler


Clay pidgin thrower

Rocking Chair

Wood Chair

Wood Chairs x4

Wood Crib

Wood Fold Up Chairs x7

Round Metal Wash Tub

Metal Rolling Cart

Wood Desk

Console Table

Pictures and Frames

Antique Doors

Wooden Chest

Antique end table

Wood Office Chair

Organizer cart

Mini Christmas Tree

Cushion Chair

Leather Chair and Ottoman

Floor Lamp

Floor Lamp

Wood Desk

Wood Display Rack

Display Cabinet

Misc Rugs and Tote

Outdoor Lounge Chair


Strap Ties

Pictures and Basket

Waguer Electronic Pro Duty Power Painter



Fire extinguisher

Rat Home

Brother P-Touch Machine and More

Crafting Table

JcPenny Sewing Machine Model 232




Beats Headphones

WolfPike Sunglasses Set

Cupcake Baking Sheets and Cutting Boards

Stand with Mini Fan

Women's Beauty Set

Iphones and Cases

Amazon Alexa and Fit Bits

Apple IPad

Dell Laptop Chromebook 13 3380


JHSNoel Digital Player

Bible Set and Carrier

JBL Bluetooth Speakers

Tria Hair Removal Kit

Navage Nasel Care and Toothbrush Sets

Instant Pot and Toaster

Crock Pot and Rice Maker


Bed tray and Misc Items

Misc Kitchen Decor

Small and Medium Sized Wood Chests

Water Filter Jugs

Pot, Ice Bucket and Misc.

Buffet Server

Cotton Candy Maker

TupperWare Set

Kitchen Storage Containers and Misc Kitchen Items

Taco Set and More

Chocolate Maker Set

Food Cutters

Kitchens Supplies

Kitchens Supplies and Pots

Pie Pans

Kitchen Pans

Home Goods and Decor

Home Goods and Decor

Christmas Lot


Mop Bucket

Large Glass Jar and Plastic Baskets

Bean Bags and Misc.

Wall Decor

Solar Lights Lot

Fire Extinguisher

Fake Snow Throwing Kit Games

Sports Bags


Hanging light

Towel rack

Track lights

Track lights


Dart Board

Home Decor

Snorkeling Gear Sets

Microphone Stand

Mini Basket Ball Net

JBL Speakers

Buckets and Caddy's

HoMedics Air Purifier

Vicks Humidifier

Black & Decker Heater

Magic Makers Massager

Pool Floats - AS IS

Club Champ Automatic Putting System

Crate Full of Cleaning and Misc Supplies






Shark Vacuum

Bissell Proheat Shampooer

Dyson Vacuum

EAW Eastern Acoustic Works Speaker


Ball Rack

Cooking Rubber Molds and Kits

Dog Supplies

Razor Scooter

Fuzion Scooter

PoGo Stick

Razor Scooter

Dorm Chairs

TV Stand (TV not included)

2x Lamps

Couch w/pillows

12 Cubby Shelf

Dining Room Table

Bunk Bed

Book Case

Dresser (TV an Electronics not Included)

Love Seat

Side Bed Table

CD Stand

King Bed

Bed Side Table

Pacific Bike

Garden Pots and Supplies

Misc Clothes

Women's clothing

Women's Shoes Size 8

Women's Misc Clothing

Women's Misc Clothing

Women's Misc Clothing

Women's Misc Clothing

Entire Shelf of Products

Bulk Body Cleaning Products

Painting Supplies

Garage Supplies

Picnic Basket with Cooking Supplies

Pet Warmer Bed

Painters Lot


Extension Cords and Shop Vac

Car Emergency Pack

Car Emergency Pack

gas container

Filing Cabinet

Plant Shelf and Hanging Chair

Sports Supplies Cart

LG Home Theater System


Hammock Rack

Wiggins Relocation - Towanda Kansas, Towanda, KS | Global Auction Guide (2024)
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