Blueface & Chrisean Rock Relationship Timeline (2024)

Dive into one of Hip Hop’s most rocky and controversial relationships.

In the intense world of celebrity relationships, not many stories capture public attention quite like the wild journey of Blueface and Chrisean Rock. The California rapper, known for his distinctive style and unapologetic persona, is no stranger to controversy. However, he and Chrisean have constantly made headlines for their tumultuous relationship. Fans have been taken on a rollercoaster ride through the highs and lows of their time together. Even after falling out, they have taken jabs at each other through music. Let’s take a look at how their relationship started and ended, and all the events in between.

2020: A Unique Lockdown Love Story

CALABASAS, CA - JUNE 19: (L-R) Ollsco*cky, D Loc, Blueface and Chrisean Rock attend Wealth Garden Entertainment Juneteenth Pool Party on June 19, 2021 in Calabasas, California. (Photo by Maury Phillips/Getty Images for Wealth Garden Entertainment Juneteenth Celebration)

Blueface and Chrisean’s relationship can be traced back to the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. The two met when Chrisean appeared as a contestant on the rapper’s OnlyFans reality show, Blue Girls Club. The show featured a select group of women living in Blueface’s home for a month and vying for his attention through various challenges. Chrisean Rock, who was a track and field star and Santa Monica College graduate, not only caught the attention of the viewers but also Blueface.

While on the show, she got into a fight with Blueface’s baby mama, Jaidyn Alexis, leading to her losing her front tooth. She was later announced the winner of the series and signed to Blueface’s label, Blueface LLC. After her success on the show, Chrisean released a single titled “Lonely,” which featured Blueface. The song wasted no time in garnering her new followers. Soon after, the pair seemed to be falling in love. This was especially true when Chrisean tattooed homages to Blueface on her body multiple times.

February 2022: A Very Public Fallout

Fast forward to 2020, and the love came tumbling down. News outlets announced that Chrisean had been arrested on Valentine’s Day in Oklahoma. She was allegedly caught possessing drugs after stealing Blueface’s car. Later, the “Thotiana”rapper called out Chrisean on his Instagram stories, stating: “B—h stole my car and thought she was gone drive to Baltimore 25 hrs away. Dumbass.”

May 2022: Family Feud

When it comes to people not getting along with their in-laws, there’s the bad, and there’s the ugly. In May 2022, Chrisean reportedly physically assaulted Blueface’s mother and sister. This came just after Rock had tattooed the rapper’s face on her neck. The rapper’s mother took to social media to post a picture of her swollen face, confirming the incident. “All I know is my son will never bring that person around my family ever again in life and that’s all that matters,” she said. “Carry on.”

Chrisean, on the other hand, defended her actions on Instagram. In fact, she claimed that her hand was forced. “Why talk s**t knowing u threw glass jars at my face and called my mom a dope fiend n got in my face like I wont put u down? Nobody happy to put they hands on somebody moma but I’m not a bitch so be careful.”

June-October 2022: A Summer Of Strife

By mid-late 2022, Blueface and Chrisean Rock were constantly in the media. In June, Rock was cast in the reality shows Baddies and Blueface & Chrisean: Crazy in Love. The latter series continued to reveal the tumultuous nature of the couple's relationship. By August, Chrisean Rock was later seen assaulting Blueface on a Hollywood sidewalk in August. The altercation even prompted intervention from Blueface's security, who subsequently restrained Chrisean on the ground.

Despite their public struggles, the pair chose to stay together. Nonetheless, Chrisean was arrested for punching Blueface that same month. However, she took to Instagram to deny that she was arrested for hitting him and claimed that it was for trespassing in Phoenix. Overall, the period was rife with fights. In yet another family feud, Blueface got into a physical altercation with Chrisean's father in September. In October, Rock made claims that Blueface had hit her but later took back her statement, claiming that Blueface rescued her and she had been on “a bad trip.”

2023: Cryptic Hints & Turmoil

The new year brought new episodes of Crazy In Love. Along with exciting content, yet another fight between the couple was shown. In the video, Chrisean is shown tending to a head injury, which reportedly occurred when she allegedly struck Blueface with a Hennessy bottle. Although the episode seemed to have been recorded earlier, the video still garnered much attention. Nonetheless, the two seemed to be in a good place as a couple.

Chrisean soon became pregnant, but news that the couple had broken up surfaced as well. Blueface has even threatened to file a restraining order against her. Despite not being together, the former couple joyfully welcomed their son, Chrisean Jesus Malone, in September 2023. Further, Blueface has since gotten back with his ex Jaidyn Alexis. Nonetheless, he and Chrisean Rock still prove to be at loggerheads and have continuously expressed disdain towards each other online.


Blueface & Chrisean Rock Relationship Timeline (2024)
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